Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don’t Let The Sunrise Fool You!


This is how the day started, looking mighty fine, but the rest of the day was rainy with only a few gaps in the clouds for the sunshine to peek through. Soccer training, for the girls, was cancelled and Dave decided to pike out of his session too.

Today I booked our trip away, to see Grandma, in our September school holidays. This year we are going to catch the boat  so that will be a FUN adventure :) :) Looking forward to the time away together and catching up with Dave’s Mum.

Today I also finished off the mini album I have been making with Vee’s Delight Workshop

The cover


Love all the layers, looks a little different to how it started doesn’t it?!


the final pages

100_5834 100_5835100_5841

and I forgot to take a close up of the journaling on this one
”Life is all about your senses. Take the time to delight in each of them and notice the good things in life :)”

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  1. You are amazing! I dont normally like deserts...but maybe i will change!

  2. Oh the mini turned out stunning!!!! I love what your journaling says!!!! I so believe it!! Have a wonderfuld day sweet friend!!!! :)

  3. gorgeous work Sharmaine!

  4. love that shot Sharmaine!

    and Gorgeous album there...

  5. this is just so lovely. i enjoyed seeing and reading them everyday. thanks for sharing.

    i'm so glad that the internet has brought us together as friends. i am always so inspired by you in more ways than you know. thanks so much.

  6. grandma4:54 PM

    YIPPEE !!!! I have got some wonderful people coming to visit me soon!!!

  7. This is a beautiful layout it has vibrant colors I love it.

  8. I always love to see painted layouts like this one. For me, it really shows the artistic side of the artist

  9. Wonderful work!! I love the colour the pics...everything!!


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