Friday, July 31, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

Just random things
Things that made smile the last few days…

*Walking around the garden, when the sun was shining, and spying happy things that have been altered by the weather


*Talking to my best friends on the phone and on Facebook

*Having lunch with my Dad

*Visiting a  friend to wish her a Happy Birthday

*Receiving this award from Sandra


To pick up the Circle of Friends Blog Award:
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so I choose:
1 Denise
2 Gina
3 Serene
4 Brigitte
5 Mel M

*Dave coming home from his night away

*Having lunch with Dave

*Having 4 wonderful kids who were fantastic while Dave was away


*Ice creams after school

*Going to Spotlight and finding that they now stock Martha Stewart products, American Crafts Albums and had a sale on some cool stuff :)

*Reorganizing my scrap albums and putting layouts into the new American Craft ring binder albums I bought

*Scrapping so that a memory was captured

100_5863 100_5864

the poor lamb has since died :(


*Using more of the July QTea kit

100_5889 100_5888

*Nuggling Dave and that’s what I am off to do right now :)

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  1. Heyy beaudiful Sharmaine !!
    thank youuu so much for your Award...actually i had received one similar last week so... you're off the hook hehehe you got me before i got you :)
    and what can i say with your photo...they are sensational..which shows that from your own little garden, if you look well, you can take aweesome pic :) lesson for me huh ??
    have a great w-end and thanks for counting me as good friend :)

  2. aaw what a cute lamb..reminds me of the one my sis and I raised as the scrapping..and I got a big surprise at the MS stuff in SL last week.bought one of her yummy punches!
    Thanks so much for the award :):)

  3. I just loved seeing what made you happy this week...the pics were great!!!! Lo's are awesome...but they always are!!!! So glad that you got this wonderful award!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and sending you smiles!!!! :)

  4. It's always the simple things that make us smile isn't it? Thanks for the award! God bless!

  5. Very cheerful post.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

  6. Hi Sharmaine Loving your layouts as usual ;) and the poor little lamb how sad. I love how you can find happiness in the little things most of us take for granted, you must be a very positive person. I admire that. Take care Belinda

  7. Hi Sharmaine! Thanks for the award! It was so nice to come & visit your blog ( I haven't been to anyones much lately...not even my own!! lol ) Love the photos & layouts!

  8. Love the happiness that you share :)

  9. hey sweet lady
    i hope you're having a great weekend.
    i love the layouts.
    don't you just love the American Craft binder album? they are the best. i love mine. i put all sizes in it. my 8x8, 10x10, 81/2x 11, and 12x12 pages are in there together.

    love the garden pictures and your happy list. you put a smile on my face.


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