Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Orange Balloon, A Sleeping Angel, A Red Carpet Event

And a bit of art thrown in….
Phew tired yet??!!

Tonight Megan’s class had a red carpet event to show off the photo stories they had been working on this year
Each of the kids were given a task and Megan was part of the photographers aka paparazzi and had to take photos as everyone arrived
An invite was sent home and Dave was told that everyone, EVERYONE, was getting dressed up
So tonight they got ready to go
Dave in his black tie attire


and Megan in her press outfit


I rang them, as Dave was about to stride up the red carpet, and had a giggle as he was the only person there dressed up for the occasion :) Just another reason I love him :)

Today Lucy and I spent time around home, yay :)
We spent some time kicking a balloon around the house and then she had some laughs watching herself in a mirror as her hair lifted with the static


Not sure but I think there are lip marks on the mirror… Nothing would surprise me in this house full of girls!!
And speaking of no surprises… This was how we just found Lucy when Dave and Megan got home


asleep on her bedroom floor… I woke her and put her back to bed because it’s meant to be only 1 degree overnight, brrr

Today I got up to date on the Vee’s Delight Workshop

Day 2




Day 3




I also thought I would have a go at the Cocoa Daisy Design challenge that Christine set


Took the photo back in January and knew what I wanted to do with it just hadn’t felt the ‘call’ to scrap it, so yesterday I pulled it out and played


I also challenged myself to use some of the things I had ‘been saving’ so pulled out some Sassafras Lass stickers


and cut into some Basic Grey, Hambly and Kelly Panacci paper
I also used stamps that I bought a while ago from Leigh-Ann’s Frecklednest Etsy Store, they were too cute to pass up :) The stamps are only $6US and she has more in her store, if your interested :) :)


Also pulled one of my Dymos out of hiatus :)

Tomorrow is another full day
Elizabeth has speech therapy before school and then Lucy and I are off to visit my Great Aunt, who we haven’t seen for 2 weeks because we have had colds. Hoping she has her new ducted heating working so it will be toasty warm :)

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  1. Hi Sharmaine! You visited my blog just one minute before the next post went up... saw it flying in! You show some nice pics again, I love the "black tie and press outfit"!!! Such a sweet picture!

  2. Oh Sharmaine....I so enjoy your Blog!!! What a great husband you have and he looks so handsome dressed in his formal attire!!!! The balloon pic is adorable and ahhhhh little girls....they are the best!!!!! Your work is outstanding....I just adore your style....Hope the heat is working for your visit. Amazing how hot it is here!!! Thanks for sharing your everyday with us.....I feel so connected to you!!!! :)

  3. Your photos always make me :):):):):):)):):):) And I just ADORE the lo's and journal pages.....I always loveeeeeeeeeee photos of your girls together having fun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Dashing Dave! It was really nice of him to dress up for Megan. I'm sure Megan had a ball with her fabulous escort! LOL! Love the projects you did.

  5. woohoo! look at Dave all dressed up. he sure is handsome. did Megan actually get to take some pictures?
    i bet she had a blast with her Dad.
    i love your project you did with Vee.
    i hope you had a good time at your Auntie's.
    i'm gonna go check out those stamps.
    stay warm!

  6. your scrapbooking skills always totally amaze me! These pages are off the charts!


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