Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Day and A New Plan of Attack

Thanks to everyone who left a comment or emailed me or txt’d thanks Allison :)
I knew, when I made the page and blogged, that I wasn’t alone in this journey
That there are others, many others, who have similar and more painful stories
I thank each of you that shared with me a little of your own stories and I feel supported by you all
I do encourage you to share your story, either with someone or by putting it down on paper, so that you find clarity in your own situation, clear your head of thoughts and also to find that you are not alone in the journey you are on
Sometimes that step is hard but once you open up you will find there is someone waiting with a hand out stretched, waiting to walk with you

One of the other things we have been going through, with Elizabeth, is separation anxiety
It’s something we have been dealing with for a long time now
It’s always when I leave, not anyone else, although you can see her thinking about it sometimes when it’s someone else
There have been times where it’s happened simply when I have left her at home with Dave, and the others, for a trip to the supermarket, just her knowing I was going somewhere was enough to make her get anxious and upset
That has got better but going to school in the morning has been an issue for a while
It got better and was ok but for the last few weeks it’s been back
So today I have tried something new for her


She now gets a gold star on the day when she doesn’t get upset when I leave her classroom and when she has a weeks worth of stars we do something together on the weekend
So this weekend we are going to do some baking together :)


She got to draw a picture on the chart and she decided to draw a picture of her and I, saying goodbye :)
That’s her, the bigger one with curly hair
I’m guessing she drew herself being big and brave :)

Today I started on Vee’s Delight Workshop

100_5648 100_5653 100_5658

Looking forward to the next few days and what else Vee has up her sleeve for the workshop :)

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  1. Hello again..for some reason i lost you off my blog site and i just went into my favorites and there you were.....waht a lot has gone on in that few weeks....i have just spent a good amount of time catching up... i am sending you hugs you super mum...your beautiful girl will be strong because of your love and strength for her...hang in there ..you know her worth... you are her mum...

  2. What a great idea Sharmaine with the chart,hope it works well. Thank you for your support on my blog, as you know all to well one wonderful comment or action takes away all the bad or at least softens them. your class looks fun.Take care Belinda

  3. The chart is such a great idea :) Love the look of your album too. I left you a comment in Cocoa Daisy..was very pleased to see I actually knew someone else there..great minds thing alike ;)

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the idea of the chart....I went thru that with Adam...we were going thru the divorce with his Dad and ANYTIME he had to go to his Dad or school he would throw a blood fit....it was sooooooooo hard....it was at one point that he begged me to go to the judge so he didn't have to see his Dad....awwwwwwww broke my heart....hopefully this chart helps her realize that U will always be coming back! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Sorry...that was supposed to say "bloody fit" lol :):):):):)

  6. It is wonderful that you have so much moral support during this time. I think your chart idea is fabulous. We use similar ones at school. I used to one for my girl when she was about six. They do work. I love how proactive you are being in your quest to help Elizabeth be a successful young lady.

    Best wishes,

  7. what a great idea with the chart.
    it looks like you are enjoying the workshop. i love what you've done so far. can't wait to see what you do with it all.

    happy baking!

  8. What a great idea for the chart!!!! I think this is wonderful!!!! I am so glad that you received so many supportive comments!!! Have a wonderful day sweet friend!!!

  9. Hi Sharmaine,
    (((((hugs))))) for E and all the girls, especially for Elizabeth...What a great mom you are, so understanding!!
    I am about to send my Rachel ten hours away for college...ahhah I hope and I know she will do well! And of course I wish you well with your girlys...♥ Rosie

  10. Lovin your lo's and journal pages, awesomeness!


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