Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sometimes you need to…


as this little piece of lego, on the floor near the kitchen, has reminded me
I know that life is so busy that we often don’t notice the little things or take time to fully appreciate the things that are around us
I know that when I do stop though I get sick and guess what lol
Had Elizabeth home today, she was in real need of a day to rest, and a Dr’s appointment showed she just has a cold so that was nice news because the sore throat I have really hurts so I don’t like to think what’s going on in her little body!
The last two days have started out frosty, with lots of ice on the roads and the garden looking like this


Yesterday Lucy and I were at home for most of the day, her zooming around AGAIN looking snazzy :)


Dad flew in last night so I picked him up from the airport while Dave and the girls did the Guide run
Was really good to have Dad home, was secretly hoping he’d bring Mum home with him but knew that wasn’t going to happen and it didn’t :(

Can now share the page I made for Such Sweet Tierney, love LOVE the buttons London sent me


and her packaging is always inspiring!! Just had to use the wood grain contact that she had on the packets :)


100_5239 100_5240100_5241

You can find all these buttons in via the Such Sweet Tierney blog.

Yesterday I finally got to play with this weeks collage challenge at Crowabout
Struggled to find a ‘saying’ but when I started cutting up the body it finally dawned on me what to do :)

100_5362 100_5360100_5359100_5361


So now I enlist your help, what “unusual” sayings does your family use and what does the saying mean? Am making a list, as I go, and now hoping that the future collage challenges will correspond to them lol

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  1. You are so right Sharmaine STOP!!I feel like that your creations lovey.Hugs x

  2. Love the art journal and your right about the stop!!!! Mika (

  3. Your advice is right on!
    And your layout is fantastic! Love the little details.

  4. Love your beautiful and such talent!!!!! You are so a perfect reminder to slow down and take the time to enjoy!!!! Sayings in this family!!!!! Love you to the moon...we say it to each other every day!!! Have a great one sweet friend!!!

  5. Hehehehehe.....thanks for the "stop" smile U just gave me! LOVE U for that! Hmmmmmmm a saying.....well....we have...."That is EXACTLY what I DIDN'T say!" and "I love U more" followed by, "Whatever, you're not listening, I love U mostest" and then there's the EVER popular "PITA" (and that doesn't stand for the bread...LOL!!!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the LO and the art journal page!!! GORGEOUS! Slowly getting back to my old U for your support! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. I really don't know how you can find the time, energy and creativity to do layouts, collage, et cetra while taking care of the household, your 4 girls and spend time with Dave.

    One super woman with super creative talent!

    Hope you and Lucy are feeling better soon!

  7. My hubby has been saying this to our daughter since she was born: "Whacha tryin to do for the stuff?"

    It means? No idea.

    I love your layout and your art journal. So clever.

    If I found "stop" hidden somewhere in my house, I would take it as a sign from the universe that I should stop everything. Everything. Well, except breathing.

  8. Oops, that was me... hit publish too soon...

  9. Thanks for the "STOP" reminder! Love your layout and the journal page, Beautiful, like usual! Have a wonderful up coming weekend!

  10. love love love your layering and thos black and white buttons are adorable!

  11. i LOvE LOvE the reminder to stop. great photo you captured.
    your art journal page is awesome.
    thanks for the reminder.


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