Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today I am trying to fill my time so my day isn't filled with thoughts
So I fill my day with distractions
And yet...
I need to think
I need to pray
Ane yet...
Today I cry
Tears for someone else
Tears for them
Tears for now
Tears for the future
Tears for hope
Tears for not knowing
Tears for lack of control
Tears for handing over control
Tears for lonliness
Tears for togetherness
Tears for wise decisions

So I made a digi scrap to distract myself from those tears and from the grey wet day

know that I am ok
Just needed to post this
Won't be posting this on facebook
It's just for me

Won't be around for a while...
not too long...
just taking a break...
A release is needed...

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  1. *sigh* i got your message....and i am sending the most positive vibes ever to everyone!!! Love u....and love that page! {{{HUGS}}} :):):):):):):):)

  2. Hugs hun...love ya!!

  3. Don't know the details and don't need to to be there for you my friend! Just remember - our God is an Awesome God who will turn sorrow into joy! If you only let Him in ...

  4. Sending you thoughts across the sea....I am sorry that your heart is heavy...but you must take care of you!!!! I know what you mean...I am there for you in thoughts and heartfelt prayers!!!!! I will miss you...but you take care of you, sweet friend!!!

  5. Sharmaine, just want you to know that you guys are all in our thoughts and prayers and we will continue to pray for you over the next little while.

  6. crying is good ... just let it all out. thinking of you and family ... hugs!

  7. Hugs to you and yours Sharmine.
    Like your digi page and that's a very cool photo you've taken.

  8. I lost contat with you there for a bit....great catching up with you again....but what happened to the sunshine down there to make your day so grey???/ sending you some from the sunny north....

  9. I have been working a full time job for a bit....sorry to read your post....yet, I know how you feel. See you upon your return, will miss you in between now and then. (((((((hugs))))))) Rosie

  10. in my thoughts and prayers
    hug those gorgeous kids of yours


  11. so sorry....:(
    thinking of you and sending hugs....


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