Monday, September 07, 2009

Off To Work With Grandma

Today we spent the day at "Grandma's Work", Sovereign Hill
The girls got to dress up too and went to "work" having a grand time :)

Tomorrow we are off to the big smoke for some mandatory shopping :)

Will leave you with some pages that I made for Karen’s Scrappin’ Kupboard

This one was for Dave's Mum, so journal free, and was taken when Dave's Grandparents took them to Sovereign Hill when they were young and over in Victoria on holidays with their parents

100_6474 100_6476 100_6477

A layout about the brandy snaps Dave made a while back

100_6483 100_6484 100_6485

Elizabeth and I :)


Used paint to adhere the alpha stickers


and painted the dragonfly with paint and stickles


and this one of Dave and his baseball team (around 1987 he thought)


used some smaller and used them as a mask to glimmer mist over the top


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  1. Lynda8:46 PM

    Hi Sharmaine,
    What a special time your girls must have had with their Grandma all dressed up, they look absolutely beautiful!
    Enjoy your time away :)

  2. Oh Sharmaine...that pic of your Mom and the girl is priceless!!!! SO adorable!!!! Now on to your creations....oh my.....I so enjoy your wonderful talent and I have looked at each and every little detail on each LO!!!! Thanks for sharing with us and hope you have a grand time on your shopping trip!!!! Smiles to you sweet friend!!! :)

  3. What a great pic of your girls with their fun!!Loving your layouts..Enjoy your holidays.Suz x

  4. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photo and those LO's are JUST STUNNING! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Loving the retro pic of Dave with his Grandparents at Sovereign Hill!!! What a great idea to scrap it now when you are there with your family, I like it!

    The navy, yellow and browns on your lo's look wonderful. Those Brandy snaps make me hungry ~:O)
    The pic of you and E is gorgeous.

    All your details inspire me to get the paint and glimmer mist out right now.

    Have a superb holiday!!

  6. I just Love the picture of the girls with Grandma, how fun!

  7. gorgeous!! It's always a lift for my spirit having a cup of coffee with you!

  8. that is sooo cool! Love your pages too my friend!

  9. Maybe I saw this in FB, but I just came back again. I feel I have been remiss in commenting on your posts and relegated my self to "blogstalker" mode. Anyway, I have stepped out from behind the curtains briefly to say, "Hi!" I have really enjoyed reading your daily tidbits. Have a great Spring (Is it spring?)


  10. love love love.... love the paint adhered alphas, love the painted and stickled dragonfly.. love the brandy snaps! :D

  11. What a wonderful way to spend a holiday! As usual, your pages look fantastic. I especially love the yellow paint to hold the alpha stickers!

  12. the journal looks great!..and what a fun place to Sovereign Hill.


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