Monday, October 19, 2009

It’s A Pink One

When I opened my email this morning I found an email, from my youngest brother, with some photos attached, of our new neice, yay :)
So I quickly printed off one and made this page today


I’d only just started when the school rang to say Megan had an earache so off to school I went!!
But seeing as I didn’t have to take the girls to school this morning I suppose the extra trip wasn’t too bad :)
I didn’t take the girls because Dave did, he had been invited by Megan to be the “Science Person of the Week” and speak to her class about electricity and power
It seems they all enjoyed it and he may go back for another session :) :)
Ok back to the layout and some close ups :)


The 7 is because Matilda is the 7th Grandchild to my Mum and Dad and they are all girls :) :)
Used the 2 other flowers I made the other day and some bling that had come of someone’s jeans, I find them here and there around the house and put them away ready for such a time as this ;)


Finally used the yellow butterfly that I made with the Glimmer Mist Tutorial I did here
Also used some Such Sweet Tierney buttons and the flowers and pink butterfly were also recycled from some shoes that the kids had grown out of or broken


We hope to see them in March, if he’s holidays work out that way, and I think poor Matilda will be a little swamped by some girly love from her cousins lol

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  1. Very sweet! Congrats! She is beautiful! Love the page.

  2. Love the are sooooo lucky to use PINK and I just adore all the wonderful details and dimension!!! Matilda...what a wonderful name...I just adore it!!! Have a great day....sweet friend!!! :-)

  3. welcome to your new niece!!! the lo is gorgeous!! loveeeeeeee the photo and the butterfly....and i hope megan feels better soon!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Love your layout - you are so clever about using the bits and pieces from clothing. Those little details add so much meaning and intricacy to your layouts. Hope your daughter is feeling better.

  5. what a doll, and what a great name, Matilda!!! a cutie, for sure!!!

    those flowers are great!!! now, I'm inspired, but stuck at work (don't tell my boss I'm surfing blogs!)...maybe I'll have time to lift you tonite!!!


    - L

  6. your little niece is such a the page and denim flowers :) Have a great week Gx

  7. great layout Sharmaine!I love all the recycling.



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