Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cracking Open The Sun Screen Bottle

Seems Spring is wanting to hurry things up because it’s certainly heating up and Summer is on it's way!
We have just had days in the mid 20’s to 30’s but today has cooled off, yay, before it heats back up again for the rest of the week and into the weekend
Thankful we haven’t had the extreme heat that the other States of Australia have had and glad that Tasmania is cooler

On Saturday one of Dave’s cousins got married


and on Sunday we headed up to the North of the State for a family BBQ to help them celebrate

The weather was perfect for being outside

and we enjoyed our shady spot

The scrape on Lucy’s nose is from where she fell off the cubby house of Friday, now she understands why her mother tells everyone not to climb onto the roof…

Dave played some ball with the girls, from the comfort of his shady spot :)
and I wasn’t going to move too far from my relaxing spot either ;)

There was ice cream for dessert

another wedding cake was cut, yes Grandma she did cry :)

and the cake was eaten

Was a lovely time, hot in the car, a long drive home but was nice to be able to share part of the day with family and the special couple :)

Yesterday was even hotter and Jessica had her sports carnival

Up to Grade 2 they get to participate in fun events, like obstacle races, egg and spoon, three leg race etc, which aren’t really competitive, more just having a go
There is only one running race

which, again, is more fun than competitive

but Jessica came first, without too much effort I might mention, because she is like that :)

So our day was one were we, Lucy and I, were only home in stints but when we were home I worked on this page


Wish she didn’t have the hat on and the shadow over her face, but it’s more about the memory rather than the photo isn’t it, so proud of her :)




This afternoon, which is why I am blogging now, I’m taking Elizabeth to the Dr to get her ears checked again
She has just finished her 4th bottle of antibiotics, we are hoping the fluid has cleared, but she still is a little deaf so we will see what the Dr finds
Tomorrow afternoon Dave’s heading into the hospital for some Day Surgery
He is having a lump taken off the back of his neck, nothing major just needs removing
So the girls are heading to a friends after school, if we aren’t finished at the hospital in time, so it’s another busy day for us all :)

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  1. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos and love love love love love love the lo....and hope elizabeth and dave do well tomorrow! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Oh your photos are just perfect!!! You get the best pics ever and the LO.....swoon...I LOVE IT!!!!! Have a great day!!! :-)

  3. You have been busy it sounds as though your family trip was a great success. I laughed when I heard about Lucy and the cubby, not because she hurt herself but because my Lucy jumped from the top of four steps of our cubby and landed face first. She bruised her knee and made her nose bleed. She is ok but there is something about telling a four year old not to do something' well they just have to do it don't they? I hope everything is ok with Elizabeth's ear, it must be sore poor darling. Take care.

  4. Hope all goes well for both patients! Love the LO - are those letter stickers, or stamps? Really love the bright green!

  5. Wow what fabulous pics!!! Oooh and your LO is stunning! Love the colours!!

  6. Wow wonderful wedding pictures!
    And I like the sports photo's too. Your girls are prettier every time I visit your blog, it seems.

    Oh I gave you an award on my blog!


  7. Well, that was full post. While you are warming up we are cooling down, but we still have quite a few pleasant days ahead of us. Sports day (Field day here) sure looked like a lot of fun. Congratulation on the ribbon.

  8. Gorgeous layout and pics of the kids!! Looks like it was a full fun weekend!!

    I've left a little something on my blog for you!

  9. Hello,
    I enjoyed getting this wonderful update on you and your fam +++++layouts!!
    Been hanging around on Facebook of late and other spots. Stop by & join ♥ everyone is welcome: http://scrapbookchallenges.ning.com/


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