Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Want To See Fireworks

and the thunderstorm happening right now is more than fulfilling that want!!
It started more than an hour ago and is still in full play
Dave and I went out to watch
The moon was watching too


so keep in mind that it was that dark
This is the photo I got of the lightening filling the cloudy sky above Mount Wellington


It is now pouring with glorious rain that is cooling everything down after out hot day
This morning, as promised, we set up the present that we gave Lucy and Elizabeth for their ‘second Christmas’

It is a crystal garden
Here is the photo I took 8-9 hours later


This morning we also went shopping to get all the goodies for our New Years Eve dinner
Each year we have a ‘finger food’ dinner followed by a movie or games or something and snacky food to end the night
This year our dinner looked like this


before we all tucked in!



The girls then watched a movie, rang their cousins, ate pop corn and cheezels, watched another movie and are now in bed, 2 of the 4 are asleep but it’s still hot inside so the bigger two are in and out complaining about the heat or the thunderstorm :)
Dave is playing the Wii while eating some leftover mango pudding and I am being naughty eating Bbq samboy chips while I blog :) When I’m finished blogging the chips will go away and I might nuggle Dave while watching some more of the lightening and see in the New Year :)
Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve and may 2010 be full of wonderful surprises :) I am thankful to start the new year with family back home. 2009 has been a tiring and trying year and 2010 is looking to be a year of change. It will be a year of transition for me. With Lucy starting Kinder it means that I start on the new stage of life, being a mum with 2 days and no kids at home. It will be a year of possibilities and I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds through the year and the doors that will open and the new adventures that are awaiting to be had. Bring on Twenty Ten because I am ready to rumble!!

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  1. Happy New Year Sharmaine and squirts!!!!! LOVE U and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Happy New Year sweet the pics and the finger foods look yummy!!!

    Great photos...thanks for sharing!!

  3. Love the Crystal Garden:) And the finger food and movie tradition is perfect. So, might have to do that tonight:) Have a wonderful 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy new Year to you and your family,My kids had one of those crystal gardens there awesome.

  5. Happy New Year!!! :)
    You seemed to have such a wonderful new year´s eve with so much yummy finger food. yum. :P

    Hugs from the cold and snowy Finland!

    p.s. that crystal garden is gorgeous!

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours!! I love the christmas angel suit, so cute!

  7. Hi Happy 2010!! Your cake looks wonderful...please email recipe if you can share it!!
    I enjoyed reading about your Christmas traditions ~:O) Sorry to see one of your lil ones was in the hospital, glad she was so brave.
    Thanks for sharing in living color by photographs, superb job on those!

    I am off to scrapbook for a bit today. Have a scrappy 1st day of 2010 ~:O)

  8. Looks like things are looking up for you! God bless you and family, especially your girls as they grow in the Lord. Blessed new year!

  9. Wow, I've never seen a crystal garden before. What do you do with it? Its very pretty.

  10. How exciting for you to be entering this new time of life. I can't wait to hear about how you use your newfound time. I look forward to when James starts school but it won't change my time any, just the amount of time I get to see him as he will be attending my school in September.

    Happy New Year to you.



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