Monday, January 04, 2010

I Want The Funds Of The Tooth Fairy

because this week we had her visit twice, on the same day!
Yep we had some toothless twins happening here


They lost their teeth on the same day, and it was teeth that are next to each other
Elizabeth’s had been wobbly for sometime and Jessica’s not so much lol
And it wasn’t on account of this


We finally had time to go shop for our traditional ”Holiday Cereal”
And I have to say that although Grandma would be proud that they all choose chocolate I opted out of choosing a box and stuck to my plain old boring in comparison Special K!

Other things that have been happening since New Years Eve…
Dave packed up the inside Christmas lights, tree and decorations


Megan had a ‘holiday’ at Mum and Dad’s for 2 nights
But we got to catch up with them all on the 2nd night


We all went to the Taste of Tasmania
And taste we did!
we ended up down in the marquee where they had cooking demonstrations and a band
The girls went up to get some of the samples from the demonstrations but were at the back of the group that surrounded the cooking area so only got the last plate to share


They quickly learnt that you had to be first so this was what happened for the next lot of samples


Yep that is them right up at the front, ready to pounce on the food tray!!
We were sitting right up the back
Right near the stage for the band
Which wasn’t so good for the foodies
but was great for when the band started and the movers got moving


My sister brought Megan home, stayed a while with her girls and then took Jessica back for her 2 day stay at Mum and Dads

We spent our vouchers that Uncle Samuel gave us
The girls adding to their toy/book/cd piles
While Dave and I added to the Wii games with Mario Kart
The girls have enjoyed playing the Wii
Here was a little session I spied while I peeled potatoes last night

Dave is holding Elizabeth because she likes to creep forward when she plays 10 pin bowling and the tv isn’t safe when she moves forward lol

Today is the first time I have had time and motivation to be creative
I decided to use this canvas, that I had started before Christmas
It’s my word for 2010

I feel it’s a year for possibilities and I am looking forward to what will emerge in 2010 and how I will emerge from it
Tonight Megan has a friend staying over
They ‘allowed’ me to take their photo


and before bedtime they got to scrap a page each

Megan’s page


and her friends


I also scrapped this page this afternoon, while waiting for the kettle to boil so I could make Dave a coffee for when he got home


and some close ups :)


was hoping that this blue twirly bit would turn out differently but went with it and don’t mind how it turned out :)


Things haven’t really slowed down here, in fact the month is already filling up at a rapid rate
Have 2 social events and an appointment this week as well as picking up Jessica and going to Mum and Dad’s again
Seems life doesn’t have an off switch that I can reach so it’s just as well I can smile and know it’s all good :)

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  1. that tooth fairy really must have a bottomless purse having visited U two times!!! LOL!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos and loving the pages that U and the girls made!!!!! I'm glad they "allowed" U to take their photo!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!! I have that same problem with Adam as I just proved on my latest blog post!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    LOVE your word for the year. Emerge. Just seeing it made me go OOOOOOOH that's cool. Might have to come up with one of my own. Love the pages, Happy new year, beautiful xx

  3. The tooth fair has been very busy at your house!!

    Love the pics and we have to do the same thing with Evan....hold him back away from the TV..he get a bit excited!!!

    Love all the goodies you created and LOVE your work for the year!!!

    Have a great day sweet friend!!!

  4. great word Sharmaine. I so enjoy your daily slice of life!

  5. what a fun way to start off the new year..glad you're catching up on that family time..say hi to Ms L for me please :) :) Gx


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