Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Want To Take A Photo Of My Banana Bread

because I am a good Daughter in Law and I was told asked to do so :)


There you go Grandma, recipe was from here, the loaf is now 3/4 gone though and I almost got a 10/10 from everyone! So I think I will be baking it again, I was getting sick of wasting all the bananas that were coming home uneaten and mushy from being in the lunchbox all day
Yesterday I went to a Baby Shower, for my best friend, and her hubby, who is home from England
They are home till the baby arrives and then heading back to the UK
The baby shower was fun and it was fabulous to catch up again
I made this card using another doily from Jodi and the gorgeous covered button from Michelle


This morning the girls had their Christmas presentation at Church
and this afternoon we got busy on their school Christmas gifts
While I was gone yesterday Dave and the girls made some Christmas tags
Because of time and money I decided that rather than make cards for their friends we would just stick a Christmas gift label on to cardstock and tie it onto a candy cane
Quick and easy Christmas card+gift for their friends
Even Lucy got to share in the 40 that we put together


Also this afternoon the girls made their thank you gifts for their teachers
They each painted up a 5cmx5cm canvas and I will wrap these up with an easel and a thank you card
Here’s just a sample of the 8 they painted
One of Jessica’s on the left, two of Elizabeth’s in the middle and one of Megan’s on the right


and now I will leave you with a page I made for Karen’s Scrappin’ Kupboard


The cool chipboard owls are covered in Glitz “Rebel” paper, Tim Holtz crackle paint around the edges and Ranger stickles


and pulled out the trusty dymo for my journaling :) :)


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  1. The bread looks so yummy!!!! Love the canvas that the girls made do their sweet!!!!

    LO is just PERFECT!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Have a great day!!! :-)

  2. I love banana bread. My mom makes the best. I need some now. I love the teacher gifts. They mean so much more than something that comes from the dollar store. I would cherish those forever.

  3. yummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bread and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo's!!!!! U are sooooooooooooooo amazing!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE those owls! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Grandma11:16 AM

    you are the BEST daughter-in-law thank you and I will have a go at that bread in the wood oven at Sovereign Hill

  5. Hello Sharmaine,
    Looks like your girls are getting the artistic ability passed to them ~:O) Love the canvas works!

    Your layouts are fab as always. Much inspiration to me ♥

    Happy Holidays (((((hugs)))))
    Rose Ann

  6. the banana bread looks so yum! the little canvases on an easel..what a gorgeous present! Gx


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