Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Want Simplified Serving Sizes

Today’s events included a trip to the Supermarket
It was one of those trips where the length of the shopping list scared me
And it was a trip where I had the 4 girls escorting me
You get the picture????
As we perused the shelves and items we came across some Lamb and Mint Hamburgers
They looked yummy, were on special, were cheaper than buying plain old mince to make my own and everyone of my kids wanted me to buy them
So we did
As I cooked them tonight I did my daily reading
Yes it seems that most days the only time I get to read is when I read the packaging on food
I was amazed to read that the serving size, suggested for the mighty fine hamburgers, was 100g, which made this 500g packet a serving for 5
Yes I can do some math!!
Now after pondering the math I was still left quite puzzled
You see there were 4 hamburgers in the pack
Was I meant to cut a small portion off each of these delicious burgers and give someone a meal of the left over bits??
Was I meant to read the oh-so-helpful packaging before cooking and make my own fifth burger using a section from each lovely formed burger?
Well people I didn’t!
We all had one each, 2 for the bigger rabbits in our house, and guess what?? they were yummy and I had requests for more lol
I really question the people that make products and stick a label on it with portion sizing
I mean I would understand if there was 5 hamburgers for the suggested 5 meals
But when there isn’t…. Well it just makes my brain hurt
And that is the last thing I need when making dinner!!!
Just as well my iron levels needed boosting this week :)

Just recently I spied a gorgeous layout that Mandy had made for a challenge blog called Mission Create
I was curious to see more about the challenge blog so I went to have a look and glad I did :)
The new challenge is up
You have to use at least 3 of the following
Rub ons
Curved Title
Paint and

So I used all 5 to create this


It didn’t turn out how I was thinking it would but it’s a story scrapped
Which makes me smile :)
Ok the low down on the page
I used a retro square mask from and splodged some Sea Breeze Kaiser paint with a sponge brush over the mask
I then used some Shimmerz Ruby Spritz and dabbed it with a tissue to pick up the excess spray


For the title I used some thickers which I had distressed and edged with my black sharpie pen
I used some American Craft rub ons, love the flying paper airplane :)


I grabbed one of the covered buttons I had purchased from Michelle’s Etsy store
I felt I had coveted the blue car button enough and could finally use it on a page!


and finally the journaling, on a Jenni Bowlin journal tag


Well, Dave is drilling new holes to rehang the curtains in the sunroom so I better go make him a coffee and hint at some couch and nuggle time :)

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  1. Totally get what your saying about the serving sizes on packaging...ugh why make it so hard?

    I love, love, love your layout, it's perfect!

  2. hehehehehehehehehehehe....they also tell us coffee is hot (duh! lol!), and exactly how to use cracks me up that they do the things they do :):):):) loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that lo!!!!! soooooooooooo much fun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I want larger portions....

  4. great layout Sharmaine.
    love all the fun colors.

  5. I LOVE your page!! I love the touch of colour and the title is great! THansk for playing along with the MC :)

  6. looooove the paper airplane with the curved title! Super fun!!

  7. Such a FUN FUN page!!! The colors and the way you did the title--love it!!!

  8. What a fun page and perfect for the subject! Love the masking :)


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