Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Want To Remember

and I want them to too
Megan had a friend stay over last night
So today they got to scrap
Jessica and Lucy did too
Elizabeth didn’t want to, so didn’t :)
So her and I sat and had a cuddle while the other 4 got scrappy
This is Lucy’s page


the only thing I did was the journaling, stitching and the title
She did all the rest
Jessica’s page


Megan’s page


and her friend’s


Jessica went to their place for the afternoon
When we went to pick her up we were greeted with more scrapbook pages
We had inspired Megan’s friend, her sister and Jessica to pull out some crafty things and scrap
The friend already had an album, packed away in the back of some drawer, and by the time we got there she had already filled 4 pages and did more while we were there
Jessica came home with 2 pages, using some zoo and animal photos that they had
Not a bad way to inspire someone is it??
Love it when kids scrap
Love it when you can show others how easy it is to keep those memories and to put them down on paper
Love it :)

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  1. wow the girls pages are great. I love it when my girls scrap too, Lucy is the one who really loves it in our house and one of my friends is buying her an album for her birthday coming up soon. All of her pages just seem to be all over the place ;) Belinda

  2. I love that page! I have a thing for woodgrain anything! You have such cute girls :)

  3. your girls have a genius for scrap and also a wonderful scrapping mum!!


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