Friday, January 29, 2010

“I Want To Tell My Kids About Scrapbooking”

said Elizabeth, talking about when she grows up
Now that made my internal smile light up
More on that later
Yesterday, before we got Jessica, I took the girls to visit the recycle shop
I found 2 packets of gorgeous OLD buttons
1 packet contained covered buttons and I had a play with them last night
While I waited for Dave to arrive home from soccer training


I was also itching to have a play with some new stamps I had found on Etsy, from seller Pretty Tape


Love the doily pattern
Would love this pack of stamps for that reason too :) :)
I also got some of the yummy paper tape, but more on that later too :)
See the flower??


I see that Prima have released the same sort, with the frosty/glass glaze, I bought these from Lincraft lastyear and they are distributed by Sullivans, wonder if they are actually the same flower… just wondering :)
Also yesterday I picked up this tag, also from the recycle shop, it was a little more weathered than the ones I had so it seemed perfect to take home and put through the trusty typewriter :)


The alpha stickers are Studio Calico :)
So back to the Elizabeth’s When-I-Grow-Up comment
This morning all the girls scrapped


I had printed off a few photos for each of them and we took over the dining table
I even had the chance to start a page while they did their thing
They all made 4 pages, except Lucy who did 3

100_9801 100_9802 100_9803 100_9804 100_9807 100_9808 100_9809 100_9810

I was amazed at how well this scrap session went
I think that they have all, finally, got the hang of the whole paper/sticker thing and were quite happy to do their own thing without any help
I’m happy with that too :)
So the page I started, and then finished later


Yesterday we found a lizard in the sunroom
It was one we hadn’t seen before so I did some googling and found out what type it was
A Mountain Dragon
Pretty cool name!
The journaling


is on some of my new orange paper tape
And you can also see the orange spotty tape I used, here


and final photo, lol
The other half of the doily I used a while back on the Baby Shower Day card, doily from Jodie on etsy :)


Today we also had a visit from a friend and her 2 boys
She also stayed for dinner so it was good catching up with her
Today is also the 2nd last Friday before school goes back
Which means it’s the 2nd last weekend
Boo Hoo

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  1. That's so cool that your girls scrap with you :-) I look forward to that day! (at the moment Maddison is more interesting in either picking the 'pretty' bits off my LO's or adding to them with whatever pen or pencil she happens to find!) Your girls will have very neat albums to look back on when they are our age hehehee :-)

  2. how fun is that they scrap! pretty pages too... please tell them I said that :) I'm jealous of your recycle shop. Jealous. Get it? LOL.

  3. Yay for the girls...they did a Fabulous Job on their pages....just like their Momma!!!

    Love all the details on your page and the buttons are soooooo cute!!

    Wishing you a great day!!! :-)

  4. beautifulpages...
    so sweet how your girls scrapped. that's awesome!

  5. yes, i have to agree with Rachel and hope one day Becks will scrap with me too instead of throwing all those crayons all around!!! and oh, I remember going to Sheffield about 14 years back!!!! lol

  6. Your girls are getting more creative just like their mummy! Lovely LOs. So fun to be able to do that together!

  7. beautiful pages - yours AND theirs. how fun!!

  8. When I see this I wish I had had me some girls...along with the boys :) They definitely love to see what I create but NOT do it themselves. They made some awesome pages! I am going to show Conner and Jameson the mountain dragon--they love reptiles. have a great weekend!

  9. love the layouts!!! so cool that the girls want to scrap with you! I hope you're enjoying your sunny days!!! happy weekend!

  10. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh those girls of yours are as talented as their mama!! all of U made amazing pages! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. This is great. I really love to see what they have made.

  12. Super lo's love em!
    How awesome to see a table full of your family scrapbooking together!!
    My dd loves to scrapbook. My ds tried it, but he gave it up as he got older :(
    Have lovely day!!


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