Sunday, February 07, 2010

I Dream Of Exploring The World

Yesterday we celebrated a birthday
Yesterday Megan turned 11
As usual the girls were up early
and eager to get the present giving underway
We gave Megan a camera
I think she was excited


as she should be because it’s got more Megapixels than mine!


She had 3 friends over for her birthday lunch


there was much chattering, giggling and they even got to scrap a page each


and we gave them an 8x8 album each to take home with them
I think they enjoyed it and made some pretty cool looking pages!


oh and yeah there was cake, with extra cream like Grandma requested (or so Megan said :)  )


Today we had another early start
Headed to the airport to say bye to Dave


He is heading to Thailand for work
we filled the rest of the day around home
Megan started painting the canvas that Grandma gave her


and because Lucy had been asking to scrap, since yesterday, they all scrapped this afternoon


and on and off through the afternoon I did too :)


someone, a rabbit, has broken my sewing machine
so I found out when I went to sew on the page
So I will be taking that to Mum and Dad’s tomorrow in hope Mum might find out what they have done
I love the Maya Road stick pins


and their mist, which I used on some hearts I made from scrap cardboard


and the journaling :)


Did you notice the new banner up the top there??
I had an email from the lovely Michelle with the new one attached
I love it and am grateful for her generosity, thanks again Michelle!

Speaking of generous people
Another Michelle is having a giveaway
Head to the Lil’ Red Rocket blog to find out how you could win this

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  1. Happy Belated BD to Megan. Looks like she had a lovely day! Neat camera! lucky :-)
    Love your new banner :-) Cool pic of the feet.

  2. Glad you like your new banner Sharmaine!

    Looks like everybody had a blast with Megans party. Clearly the girls had a good tutor - their pages look great. Love that pink camera soooo much! :)

  3. Too bad about the sewing machine. Nevertheless, the layout came out lovely. I like your new blogheader too.


  4. Happy Birthday Megan.....I adore your camera....Looks like a wonderful time was had!!!

    I adore all the creations and yours is just outstanding...Oh to see the summer weather....We are digging out from 30 inches of snow!!!! I am so tired I could fall over and sleep for 3 days!!

    Have a great day sweet friend!!!

  5. Happy birthday to Megan!!what a lovely LO you have done!!
    I love your new banner!!

  6. happy birthday to megan!!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeee the pages they created!!! and loving the pin thru your sewing....i am gonna try that!!! hope u get your machine fixed! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Love your banner. and Pictures are really awesome. happy birthday to Megan

  8. Happy belated Birthday to dear Megan. She looked like she had a wonderful day and what a very pretty new camera. I had a laugh when I saw the lists on the door, Georgina and her friends do the tick this box- eg.who ever loves me the most? I am forever ticking boxes lol Your banner is so bright and colourful and the photo of your girls looks fantastic on it. The scrap pages the girl made are very happy bright pages. They are very clever. Belinda

  9. happy birthday....megzzzzz

  10. happy b-day to the GIRL!!!

    I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award...go check it out on my blog!

    I hope you have a good week w/o your sweetie!

    : .)

  11. Happy Birthday Megan!
    love the pages the girls made and yours is extra pretty with those red hearts!

  12. heyyy Happy belated birthday to Megan !!
    and yeahhh she looks soo excited for her camera lol !!
    i know.. nowadays... cameras have soo many pixels compared to our old ones :( and does take cool pic as well !!
    sometimes i think..what the heck !!! :)

    Have a great w-end beaudiful :)


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