Tuesday, March 09, 2010

They Graft My Vine

Yesterday was a public holiday
Yay, me likey those
Lucy went to ‘Poppy’s house’ on Sunday so the rest of us had a day around home
Dave and I played some of this


which started with the warning “If you beat me at this we won’t be playing again”
Just as well Dave won the first game :) :)
That’s why Dave won’t play monopoly with me any more *grin*
Today I had a little play and made this


played with some paint and some Such Sweet Tierney buttons :)

100_0662 100_0663

and the journaling was appropriate for today, being swim lesson day :)


she was a fish in the water again and loved every moment of it
Lucy still isn’t as confident and is in and out of the water but you can see that she will get there
Megan’s lesson was a tough one and she was tired at the end
Jessica just enjoys being in the water and had no complaints about her lesson lol

Love seeing the improvements week to week and so glad they are all in the pool :)

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  1. hehehehehehehe to scrabble and monopoly...lol :) loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo....the colors are YUMMY! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Nice LO! I love your idea of using buttons. Give a 3D "bubble" effect.

  3. i am crap at scrabble. LOL. and your 'fish' ie gorgeous.. i love your journaling, Girl!

  4. Love this LO....the journaling is so touching and the colors so Happy!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Wishing you a day filled with smiles!!! :-)

  5. Bill always kicks my butt at scrabble with 2/3 letter words-drives me bonkers! love your layout.

  6. Love the color scheme on this one and I really love the kayaking page down below!!!! Love.

  7. I love a good game of scrabble..and boggle :)
    this is such a yummy layout..gorgeous colours! x

  8. yay Sharmaine! you won! but I'm not gonna say what and spoil the surprise!!! LOL!!!

    as usual, you rock!!! : .)

  9. Love your LOs Sharmaine they look awesome

  10. I love the journaling on the envelope! Such lovely texture and a beautiful layout :)

  11. I love the journaling on the envelope! Such lovely texture and a beautiful layout :)

  12. Just passing through...love you

  13. Hi Sharmaine! thanks for visiting:) Ah it is still a work in progress:) This swimming LO is beyond a beauty. All the detail, makes me want to do a real live LO again after going digi:) The colors make wish for summer here even sooner!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK now with the scrabble I have to giggle. I am so like Dave! once I win once I don't play for along time!

  14. Your projects always look more like art to me than a scrap page...I always love them!

  15. Allison winchester7:41 PM

    I am missing my daily dose of the Kruijvers......come back!!!


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