Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Think We’re Alone Now

To say that this week has been crazy wouldn’t do it justice
To say that this week has been busy wouldn’t do it justice
To say that this week has been full wouldn’t do it justice
To say that this week has been testing wouldn’t do it justice
This week has not been my own
This week has been full of others
This week has been tiring
Sometimes it has been a week where I am so thankful for time spent with others (our wonderful nieces who I am now calling the M&Ms)
Sometimes it has been a week where I had no time to breathe
Sometimes it has been a week where I had blessed time to sit with my sister in the hospital
Sometimes it has been a week where I just wanted to crawl away and have noone bother me
And that would mean disguising myself, wouldn’t it??
and these were perfect for just that


well, we thought so
and we wore them all over the place


to school


to the shop


and even the M&Ms wore them to the hospital to surprise their Mum :)
I just love things that add a bit of fun to someone’s day :)


These added fun to someone’s day too


isn’t she clever :)


oh and pink cupcakes add fun to the day too :)


I didn’t bake them
Haven’t had time to be at home let alone bake :)
My sister had a blocker today, for the pain caused by a bulged disc in her back, and should be going home tomorrow
Other than all of that I can’t think of what’s been happening
I’m just exhausted from the week
From the hospital visits
From looking after 2 more rabbits, who were good good good and I found out that getting 6 ready in the mornings is not much different from getting 4 ready :)
From all the normal activities our week provides

Looking forward to life slowing down a notch next week, well back to normal lol
Looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow, if the weather man gets his forecast right lol
Looking forward to the weekend
Looking forward to some just us family time, some QUIET just us family time :)

So that’s me :) How’s your week been? How are YOU holding up???

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  1. Here's to hoping your next week is full of relaxation, crafting, fun and pure peacefulness. I was going to say love but I think your life is full of that ;) You have been a great sister to look after her babies in a time of need and I am glad to hear she is going to be ok. Take care Sharmaine.
    Belinda xxx

  2. Wow! That's a lot to put on your plate. At least you had a moment for some levity with the kiddos. I love Obelix and Asterix. Very cute. Hopefully, things will round out soon.

  3. You are an awesome sister to look after 2 extra little ones along with your own 4!! Super woman I'd say :-) Hope you get some time to 'breathe' soon! And hope your sister recovers well.
    Love the pics of Obelix & Asterix - very talented daughter of yours (must take after you)!
    As for me ... wouldn't say I am holding up - more like hanging out!! heheee
    Hugs to you

  4. *sigh* i have been thinking about U since your last post and hoping the best for your sister....I am hoping all is back to normal soon for U....and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the little glasses/mustache faces!!! toooooooooooooo cute!!!! love ya girl...and keep your chin up! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Oh My you have been busy...hoping that next week brings you some time to sit down and gather yourself!!!

    Wishing you a relaxing day!!!

  6. Man! This is just too funny! haahaha! your girls are very artistic! Thanks for sharing :) Hope you get to recharge your energy soon Sharmaine!

  7. I have been quite busy...but thanks for asking!

  8. Dave, you are a busy man and we love you :)

  9. super woman indeed. But that's the kind of person you are... sweet, caring, and finding the fun in the adventure. Thinking of you & the sis!

  10. Hope things settle down for you real soon!! Loving those crazy photos, too much!! xo

  11. I absolutely love the disguise photos! Sounds like with all that is going on, at least your having fun and making memories too.


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