Sunday, October 03, 2010

I Don’t Mind The Odd Sneaky Kiss

and I don’t mind telling you that :)


See the rub on people??


I made Dave (the man) look taller than me (the lady)


Did you notice?? lol
I also added some beloved masking tape


and just a touch of journaling :)


Today was another gorgeously sunny day
The girls decided they wanted to wear their new sun dresses to church
So I made the most of the sun and took a photo or two ten lots


Lucy decided she wanted to wear Elizabeth’s flower clip


Elizabeth enjoys the weekend because she doesn’t have to have here hair up


and I like Jessica’s hair when she has brushed it ;)


This afternoon the girls pulled out the chalk and went to town!


not much of the concrete/wall/fence was left untouched



Megan drew Dorothy on the yellow brick wall


She was in a mood for part of the day, so the camera stayed away, hence the lack of Megan photos
It got so warm today that even the hats came out






Tonight Dave and I had dinner together
After the girls went to bed
Dave went and bought us some Chinese take away, yum
he even came home with a candle to eat by :)|


And if you have read this far and haven’t fallen asleep
I just wanted to let you know
Studio Calico have a new blog
It’s going to be jam packed with inspiration
And are running a very cool competition, but not for very long
So if you have a spare minute go check it out and tell them I sent you :)

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  1. Well, it was a beautiful Sunday. We are looking forward to an equally beautiful day. Church, pumpkin patch, hand churned ice cream...mmm.

  2. loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that lo!! soooooooooooo fun and loving that title...and the photos are gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Just letting you know I checked your blog little O55O

  4. Hi Sharmaine, how wonderful to have 4 gorgeous girls. love your photos ... full of mischief and character. LO is absolutely amazing too. inspiring work x

  5. AWESOME! Love the clever chalk photo - very pretty! So is it Coke for the man and Lipton's iced tea for the lady or are you the Coke drinker? I ask this because that meal setting looks very typical of my hubby and I - he loves Coke and I usually have the juice or iced tea!! Haha!! Very romantic, by the way!
    P.S. The sneaky kisses are nearly always the best - full of fun and mischief!!!

  6. Ohhhhh LOVE that LO. and the pic on it :)

    Plus I love that you let your girls chalk up the fence/wall, great to see someone else like me....


    oh oh oh oh and where did you get the punch I WANT ONE

  7. what gorgeous girls. the photos are wonderful.
    i LOvE the sneaky kisses photo and layout. too cute for words.


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