Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Look At The Stars, Look How They Shine For You

The new challenge at Aussie Scrap Source is to make your own stamp
So I did
Actually I made three
and used them on this page


Ross is the team that our girls are on at school, the yellow team, for sporting events>
Do you correct your spelling mistakes or rewrite so noone would ever know??
I correct mine, usually just writing over the top
I wrote time instead of team… could have been worse… could have written teen!!!


Love mixing up pattern papers, especially when they are yellow Smile


had to search to find some yellow buttons ?!?!


oh and the stamping….
Did you see it??


I used a cork to make the two circle stamps


love that you can make a double sided stamp with a cork


Love the little lines in the cork and the effect they give with the ink


the other stamp I made was using a doily on the acrylic block and covering it with some paint


love the texture that stamping with paint adds


really enjoying these challenges, love anything that inspires people to make their own/use what they already have Smile

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  1. Wow, awesome ideas with the stamps. Especially love the doily. The yellow just pops. Fab LO.
    P.S. I usually correct my mistakes if I can, unless it is written directly onto the LO but I usually write in pencil first....just in case.

  2. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEe this LO and what you did with the cork!!! Who would have thought you could use a cork for two separate stamps!!

    What happy colors on this one!!!

    Wishing you a great day!!!

  3. Ohhhh I LOVE this page layout and all the beautiful pics you took of it. I am crazy about stamping, yet never thought to use something other than a stamp! The doily and the cork both make cute cute stamps. The yellow ink, LUSH. I've been looking for some wood carving tools to make homemade stamps out of erasers - an idea I saw on a blog recently. Deb xox

  4. love the stamps Sharmaine! the doily is great.

  5. Hi Sharmaine!!! : .)

    yellow is such a happy color!!! I love this LO!!!

    and you are so clever! I have to try that painty doily stamp idea!!!

  6. xxxxooooo7:53 AM

    and all the things you do...its all yellow!

  7. oh wow, love how you are so creative with yellow ...


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