Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Slowly Creeping Hand

You know those days where you seem to be pedaling backwards instead of forward
You know those days where you seem to go through the motions but not get anything done
You know those days where you seem to plod along, uphill, but not quite get to the top
That’s how today has felt
It hasn’t gotten to me but I have recoginsed that it is one of those days 
And I’ve also acknowledged that tomorrow ain’t today!
The dreary weather was good for making fun scrap messes


and lots to show in amongst this mess
The ‘2’ tag and the ‘I love you’, which is a stamp, are from Kikki-k 
And then there is some layering


some junk mail that has been given a much better life, thank you Readers Digest lottery junk mail!


some stamping (made use of my circle cork stamp), some doodling, some paint, some hand stitching…


and some journaling, and here you can see how tired I am… the photo is from Dec 2010 not Feb 2011
Just shows how fast the year has flown!


Not much sleep last night, which is probably why the day has been a ‘drudge-y’ one
A busy day tomorrow so the drudge-ies better stay away Smile
Hope your day is drudge free too Smile

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  1. the day turned nothing like I had planned either!

  2. oh Sharmaine I have had a bit of a drudge week BUT the sun may still shine today and it is the weekend!!!! I am going to let the day unfold and not think about laundry, shopping and picking up. I am going to feel blessed and breathe deeply and have hope in my heart. hope your day is better!

  3. well you feeling down certainly didn't affect your scrapping !! this is spectacular and the pic brought a smile to my face .... love the colours and the splashes of paint ... awesome .. hope your day is better ...and yes we all have those down days I see it as the ying and yang of life .. we have to experience the dark to appreciate the light !! take care & big hugz x
    and thanks for all the "louuuvvve" you leave me on my blog .. very special to me .. xo


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