Friday, April 01, 2011

We're All Goofy Goobers!

As promised I am back to share the third page I made using the WAY COOL new stuff from Such Sweet Tierney


The shipping tags are amazing


Yes I said AMAZING, see the splats?? You get them just like that.. YES I SAID AMAZING!


I cut up the gorgeous red polka dot button to make a heart, bitter sweet moment!


More splatty tags, LOVE LOVE LOVE


Still me favourite layout! So much I love… That green spotty paper is my fave,
machine stitching, doodling, masking tape and a brown paper bag…
sigh Smile
Today was crazy sock day at school
So the crazies wore socks Winking smile

Worked in canteen again today, as I do on Fridays
Lucy got stung by a wasp
Poor mite has two welt-y bite marks on her torso
Ouch-a-roony but just as well Mum was at school to give her some sympathetic cuddles with an icepack Smile

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  1. Love you bread layout Sharmaine, and like you I love the taste and smell of home made bread. Got to say though, I love the girls socks. So bright and playful.

  2. Loving that lo! I love love love love the bag and the stitching and loveeeeeeeee the socks! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Crazy sock day! My favorite day of the year.

    We sing the Goofy Goober Song all the time.


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