Sunday, August 28, 2011

Everyone Knows That Dogs Never Climb Trees

Tonight was “Snitzy Night”
Chicken Schnitzel’s in a '”make it yourself” salad roll


with some mushy homemade sweet potato fries

I’m not one of those Mums with a menu planner on the fridge
I usually have no clue what we will have for dinner until I pull out something out of the freezer that morning
and what goes in the freezer depends on what is on special at the supermarket or the butcher
and today it was schnitzel

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  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog header. It's totally, totally cool. Did you write on the photo then scan it in? BTW I loved your schnitzel post - that dinner looked deicious. I had planned lamb in the slow cooker and pudding and cream for dessert, but left at 11am for the hospital and didn't return until 5.30 so it was leftovers instead! Angus has hand-foot-and-mouth disease which is different from the cow version and means nasty fever and painful ulcers in his mouth so he can't eat or drink. I didn't post on Facebook cos I didn't want to scare the local Mums! Hope your flu got better. xox

  2. Ooops its me Deb not hubby Ian! How did that happen?

  3. lucky your chicken is always so nice...and that you can supervise your underachieving schnitzel fryerman

  4. LOVE your new header Sharmaine, what a fantastic pic!! Your funny title caught my eye.. and this is a little weird, but our beautiful Cocker Spaniel Louie who we recently lost, used to climb trees. The kids would put his squeaker toy in our bottle brush tree out the front and he would climb up to retrieve it. the branches were low enough for him to get into the tree.. it was the funniest thing to watch. I was always telling Luke he should tape it and send it in to "Funniest Home Videos". Have a fab week :))


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