Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Her Aching Knees Not Getting Any Younger

Some people think kids watch too much tv
Some people think kids watch the wrong things on tv
Our kids love to watch the program Renovators
I love that it’s repeated in a kid friendly 3.30pm time slot
and today I was glad they watch it
I had asked Elizabeth and Lucy to clean their room
Normally this task ends with Lucy throwing a wobbly and not doing any work
and with Elizabeth doing most of the work and getting cross that Lucy didn’t do her fair share
Well today I asked them to clean their room
I only asked once, usually it’s a billion times
Today I heard them in their room
and I heard them playing Renovators
I didn’t go in
I just left them to it because they were getting along and all sounded good
well blow me down I walked in and found this


I don’t think Lucy has ever made her bed before
You can see the floor
Their toys were all away
and they must have won the design challenge or something because they then went "shopping” to spend the “voucher” that they won
Wonder if I can exploit this
Wonder what other tv shows might impact with such good results??
Thanks Renovators for being good motivators! 

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  1. Maybe you can get them preparing dinner for you after watching Iron Chef....just don't let them watch Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares or Hell's Kitchen. :-)


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