Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When All Of My Dreams Are A Heartbeat Away

After sharing my last video Anne asked a question
“Do you know what you want to do before you start? “
Short answer…
I don’t
But I thought I would make another video explaining what I do when I create a page
So this is the page I created
and here is the video

if you have trouble viewing you can see it here on Youtube

and some close ups
lovin’ this piece of Tracy Martin Scrapbook Designs digi pattern paper
and the journaling, on a Chic Tags journal spot along with some gorgeous resin flowers from D-lish Scraps
Is this how you thought I created?
Could you create this way?
I’ve found it makes me scrapper faster, having everything at hand
So this page took me about 15-20 minutes
How long do you take to complete a page?
Fast or slow it doesn’t matter
It’s all part of the process and the end result is what counts
Bringing that story to life.
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  1. Hi!

    I have a question:
    when use use in your pages bulky items such as that green metal clip at the top of this LO,
    do you put it in a regular page protector?
    do you have any problem with that in your albums?


  2. Hi Mariangeles :) Great question! I do put them into the regular page protectors. I have American Craft ring binder albums but use an assortment of AC page protectors and cheaper ones. I store my albums standing up and haven't had a problem with bulky items.

  3. That is AWESOME Sharmaine. It is good to see you too just grab a bunch of stuff you want to use on your page or think is going to work, and end up using or not using it (I saw several pieces you ended up not using). I also tend to also be doing a challenge of some description (as you may have noticed) so I have either a sketch or colour or something I am working with. I love Mariangles question as your pages are 'relatively' flat compared to some that some of us make LOL....

    Thanks soooo much for sharing and I really need to do something like this (except I don't sit on the one spot when I create a page so I think I have a problem) LOL...

  4. Sharmaine I love the video and so cool to see the way your scrap skills work! I create differently every time I think but one thing I just don't do is glue things down until I know what I like. I am amazed when people can just glue it down!
    the best thing about your layouts is the stories you tell. I love that part of your work. It's magical, everyday stuff that all pieced together make a life. It's awesome. thanks.

  5. o my goodness! FINALLY get to see your process!!! I can't tell you how exciting that is!!! and I LOVE your accent!!! I could listen to you talk all day long!!!

    Lucy, sassy girl! : .)

  6. He he! So fun to read your comments. I loved watching this video. I think I will challenge myself to do do a 20 minute page!

  7. hello sharmaine,
    i enjoyed watching you video and love your creative process <3 thanks for making it available (: awesome layout and as always gret work (: