Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blogging For Sharp

The other day Dave and I were discussing a memory that I had  of my first stereo.
It was a Sharp radio cassette player.
I loved LOVED loved it.
I would go to sleep on Sunday nights listening to a radio serial program.
I would listen to the Top 40 countdown on the weekends.
I would tape songs off the radio and make mixed tapes.
I would pretend I was a radio announcer and tape my own radio shows.
Yep, I loved it.
AND I still had it till a few years ago>
Yep, yep, yep…
Loved it!
So I was talking to Dave about my first memory of Sharp and he told me his.
His memory was of how Sharp were the sponsor of Manchester United.
just goes to show how one thing can spark different memories.
Did you know that Sharp are turning 100 this year?
They have been making amazing products since 1912!
Did you know that Sharp is pledging to make creative and high-quality products for the next 100 years?

As part of their huge milestone celebration Sharp are running a very cool campaign,


The Sharp 100 Years campaign allows everyone to enter a photo or a video of an Anniversary
Those images and videos will be made into a work of film & displayed through the website during the campaign period.


Your anniversary can be anything from weddings, birthdays, first tooth, first car, first day of school…. you get the gist?
You have till the 15th of September to upload a photo or video and guess what?!
Sharp might be having the birthday but they are giving away the presents!
Yes, that’s right!
If you upload a photo or video you have the chance to win a prize (and there are quite a few mighty fine prizes to be won!)
So head on over to Sharp 100 Years Anniversary Share to enter

Disclosure: This is a paid sponsored post but all words, thoughts and opinions expressed are purely my own.

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