Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review : Squeeze & Stir Heinz Soup

I was recently given the opportunity to do Product Talk by Nuffnang 
with some of the new Heinz Squeeze and Stir Instant Soups


The thing that makes these instant soup sachets different to all the others
is that the soup is a thick paste.
You just squeeze the contents into your cup, add water and stir.
The packaging is easy to open
But like all pastes you don’t get all the contents out of the packaging.
We were sent 2 flavours to sample and the girls and I tried them for lunch
”Rich Tomato with Basil”
The first thing you notice is the gorgeous smell!
The basil aroma disappears once you drink the soup though
All the girls commented that there should be more basil taste.
”Rich Tomato and Vegetable”
The great thing about this soup was that there were actually tiny cubes of vegies floating around the soup.
The girls did comment that there could have been more veg
but then we discussed they couldn’t really fit bigger chunks of vegetables in the little tube.

The thing I noticed the most was the oily film that sat along the top of the soup.
I know it is something that tomato soup is notorious for
and, as someone who doesn’t like tomato soup that much, it’s something that I was hoping this soup wouldn’t have.

I was wondering how the soup would go as a thicken/flavour for a stew
So might just be buying some more Heinz Squeeze and Stir
and using them that way rather than this


Individual Heinz Squeeze & Stir 70g sachets are now available for RRP$1.25 from all major supermarkets and independent retailers.

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post. I received 2 complimentary sachets of Heinz Squeeze and Stir Instant Soup, cup,
spoon and napkin, for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are purely my own.

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