Monday, June 11, 2012

Sculpting Every Move You Compose A Symphony

Today is the end of a long weekend here in Australia
The June long weekend is when the Scrapbooking and Papercraft Expo is on in Brisbane
This time last year I was up there, soaking it all up
This year I’ve been appreciating all the photos that have been filtering through Facebook of the expo
I wasn’t there but two pieces of my creative work were
The first was this canvas, made for Scrapmatts 


Each member of the design team was sent a canvas
We were told we could create anything but it had to contain a portrait 4x6 photo of ourselves
and, of course, scrapmatts
I did struggle with the making of the canvas
I struggled for many reasons
but then this quote struck a chord with me and what I was (and am) trying to do


from there the rest just flowed
Each of the scrapmatts products then became an outpouring of my heart, my life and my creativity
So, like a where’s wally search,
you will see cogs inside a clock, showing how my day is run by many mechanisms (people) 
you will see many symbols of growth
you will see a bird OUT of it’s cage, free


the bike on the clock, is how I am always driving from one place to another, running to time
the dress form flows into the photo, expressing my life as a Mum of girls


I’ve used several mediums
Different paints, inks and mists
I’ve even used a scrapmatts as a stamp

I hope you see what I saw, as I created it
It’s my heart
It’s my art
and it was in Brisbane
Exposed… for all to see
Which is how I feel, as I share it with you now.
Creativity takes courage!
Hope you are inspired to create, share and be courageous.

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  1. totally gobsmacked..i love many scrapmatts..lucky you pointed them out!


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