Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Something I Noticed When The Light Was Just Right

It’s been quiet in here
So quiet that the echo left the building a long time ago
Quiet blog = Busy Life
It used to be Quiet blog = Nothing to say
But those days seem so long ago
So I suppose that Quiet blog = Busy life should = Lots to say
If my math is right (?!)
and, for now, it is!
So I am trawling back through photos and layouts to see what needs to be shared
and a good place to start is my scrapmatts creations for May
I made this layout


using the gorgeous chipboard high heels


Just like in real life, they come in various sizes


and finally documented this story about the day shopping I had with Megan


I also created some cards using some of Scrapmatts Words


and this one I created the chevron background using some scrap card and small bag from The Greatest View 


Have lots happening at the moment
and lots that has already happened
So all going to plan I will be back on track and blogging everyday
Hope you join me as I continue to share our day to day, my creations and some other treats that I have up my sleeve!

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  1. I bet she loved it - shopping trip with her mom. We always loved it - I'm sure mom didn't feel quite the same!

  2. This layout of the high hills in white and pink is something from another worls. tottaly special love so much


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