Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's One Life And There's No Return And No Deposit

I’m back!
Miss me?
I needed some time out of the bloggy-ness to focus on some other things that have been happening.
It’s already been a mammoth month.
Birthdays, weddings, visitors… the list could go on
But through all of this I have been struggling with the frustration that comes from dealing with hospitals.
I won’t go into it all but I needed some time
Time allows you to do, it allows you to think and it allows you to get back on track
So time is what I have taken.
Things are still insanely busy but I am feeling more capable.
In amongst the busy my self confidence has been rocked
and with that in mind I want to share the page I made, inspired by the One Little Word challenge
The new word is “Dare”
So often the media tells us how we should live.
I’m a woman, the media tells me how women should live and what they should be.
I’m a mother, the media tells me how mothers should live and what they should be.
I’m a wife, the media tells me how wives should live and what they should be.
We get bombarded about who we are and what the expectations are.
We get told that if you don’t fit a certain stereotype you just don’t fit at all.
For instance, I am overweight. The media tells me that’s not ok.
But, I eat healthy, I am active and the media tells me that’s ok.
Another example, I don’t drink alcohol (by choice).
The media tells me that’s ok because it’s better not to get drunk.
But the media also tells me the cancer fighting benefits from drinking alcohol.
Do you see what I mean?
We get bombarded with who we should be and then we don’t get to live how we could.
I made this page as a reminder to me.
I made this page as a reminder to our girls.
A reminder that I can be more than what others think I can be.
A reminder that I can be more than what I think I can be.






Thanks for visiting today
I’ve got lots planned, for this old blog
so hope you visit again soon


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  1. oh, I hope you are feeling perkier and happier soon... I always enjoy popping by, I think your work is fab. :)

  2. wow.
    your words give me goose bumps.
    thanks so much for Daring to say them.


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