Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Don't Like The Direction You Are Going To

ok, asking for a little feedback...
So I used to blog lots about our everyday happenings and mix in scrap creations etc.
I stopped doing that... for loads of reasons... time, not wanting to reveal too much about our life, time, days when there wasn't much to say, time....
Anyway, have been thinking of adding back some everyday content
and wondered if anyone would 1. care, 2. notice, 3. want to read that
4. (What I really do hope would happen) be inspired.
So I'd love your feedback…
What do you like about my blog?
What things do you like to read about?
What do you like to see here?
Do you like the bigger pictures?
Would  you prefer smaller ones?
What do you want from my blog this year?

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  1. I love reading the little insights into your life, however, I also understand when or why you might not want to put them out there. I also LOVE reading all about your craftiness and how you create. So I think it is whatever you want to do.

  2. I definately get inspired by your scrapping and photography. I love the big pictures where we can see all the little details you add to your work. I like the few video tutorials you've done too.
    I know from the last month that blogs take time and sometimes you just don't have time... pre scheduled posts got me through December!
    I like reading little snippets about family life... I don't have that so it's interesting to read BUT I totally get that some things need to be kept private. I see stuff, normally on facebook, kids talking about parents or parents talking about kids and I cringe thinking that it is on the internet for everyone to see for ever!
    Sorry I seem to have written an essay!!

  3. Happy New Year Sharmaine! I LOVED your videos lately, the way you explain what you're doing is lovely. I get envious of the products you have available but I'll get over myself about that. I like the big photo's and the closeups of your LO's very much. And I would miss seeing your girls grow up and learning about your ways of life if you didn't put that here for us to read. Thanks for persevering, that alone is INSPIRING!


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