Thursday, January 03, 2013

REVIEW - Mortein NaturGard Automatic Indoor Insect Control System (Odourless)

With one kid having reactions to bug bites
I was eager to try Mortein NaturGard Automatic Indoor Insect Control System
that Product Talk by Nuffnang were asking people to review.

It came in a box with everything you needed to get started
an automatic unit, 1 odourless refill can and 2 batteries.
We had to think about where to locate this little beauty.
The directions say to place it away from areas where there is food, children activity or where pets sleep.
You need to mount it at least 2m above the floor and not closer than 30cm from the ceiling.
Once we found a good spot we switched it on.
A flashing green light comes on to let you know it’s working.
It will spray within the first 15 seconds and then sprays every 13 minutes.
The box tells us that over 24 hours the system disperses no more spray than a single 3-4 second spray of regular fly spray.
Do be warned, the sound of it spraying is a little alarming.
The girls think it sounds like a quiet sneeze.
I think it sounds more like a cat coughing up a hairball…
The spray is odourless.
It contains 98% natural ingredients.
It is said to control flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, ants and fleas.
It definitely is a case of set and forget.
It doesn’t state what sort of coverage the spray gives.
Each refill lasts for up to 25 days.
So this got me wondering…
Is it worth it?
Well, I’ve done the homework
You do the maths for yourself…
A complete system pack, like I received,
Is priced, at colesonline, at $31.94.
A 154g refill bottle is priced, also at colesonline, at $14.90 .
Now don’t be alarmed it does look like something from a sci-fi movie,
It made me think of Dr Who….
Now I must say we don’t get many flies in our house so I can’t really gauge how well it works.
I was hoping the system would be ideal for our child who doesn’t do bug bites well.
So here’s hoping that the next 25 days are mossie bite free.
Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post.
I received 1 Mortein NaturGard Automatic Indoor Insect Control System (Odourless), for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are purely my own

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  1. These are fantastic we use them in our girls rooms as one mozzie bite on the leg can result in a red lump the size of a cricket ball and bigger