Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Plastic Mountain At Your Feet

My double layout,
for the Scrapbooking Memories Magazine Masters competition,
was my last piece to be created.
I knew how I wanted it to look and it just wouldn’t come together
Which is weird because it wasn’t a difficult page
And it had everything on it that I wanted
Just didn’t look right, till I had finished it


I kept it all “true to myself”
Single photo


and telling a story
With the help of a quote I found here


it said what I needed to say
And I just added the rest


as I added some colour and layers


And what I wrote about the layout

About The Page:

I don’t have many childhood photos
but I found and scanned this one,
of me at a school assembly on the school netball court.
I really wanted to use a quote, as my journaling.
So after searching around I found this one
and it fitted perfectly, once printed, on to my page,
so I knew it was the right one!
I used the layout to not only reflect my childhood
but also to talk about where I am now.


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  1. Nice! It is very you and tells a great story! I love reading the "back story" about the creating too! xx

  2. As always I love your colorful pages and the quote is so wonderful, I will use it someday, too.
    Today is my jumpstart day with your layout "love love love a good coffeee i do"
    My lift is to be seen on my blog http://www.scrappage.de/. Unfortunately you can't see the lifts the ladies will do. But let me tell you they have big problems ripping off a piece of cardstock, I can't believe that ! Three lifts are done and I hope there will be more till the end of the jumpstart.

  3. Still don't know why you are not a Master. I love this page and how you have used the only picture you had access to. The colours and texture are LOVELY.

  4. OMG that journaling...beautiful! I always adore your misting, another fabulous layout!


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