Sunday, February 17, 2013


Kids and Eczema aren’t a fun combination.
As a parent you will try to find something that helps.
Something that will alleviate the itch, help the dry skin and heal the sores. 
3 of our girls have eczema, to differing degrees. I also get it from time to time.
Elizabeth has it the most.
Her legs often have sores, they will start to heal, they will itch
and she will scratch them and the healing cycle starts again.
Imagine my joy when an email landed in my inbox
asking if I’d like to review Billie Goat Soap products.
We first came across Billie Goat Soap a few years back.
My Mum had heard about it and found us a bar.
We tried it and it worked.
But once it was gone we couldn’t find a replacement.
So when the pack arrived in the mail
I was surprised at the amount of products now available.
We now have this waiting at the bathroom sink


These in the shower, are great for dry or itchy scalp.
They don’t smell too great but really do the trick


We’ve used the bath soak a few times
It’s like a dry porridge mix but, again, works!


You can get the regular Billie Goat Soap or a baby version


You can even buy a Travel Pack (love the slogan “Travel with your goat”)


and finally the very cute baby pack!


So we have been using the soap for a couple of weeks
and the verdict is in




and I love that it works.
It helps to moisturise the skin,
alleviate the itch
and help in the healing process.
Find out more about Billie Goat Soap products on their website
or through their Facebook page

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post.
I received a
complimentary products (as shown), for review purposes,
and all words and opinions expressed are purely my own



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