Friday, February 15, 2013

Well, Man Built A Boat And He Learned How To Sail

Every year I take back-to-school photos of each of the girls.
Each year I set out to scrap a page of each girl, using the back-to-school photo.
Each year I’ve failed.
I would scrap 1 or 2 or 3 but I am yet to do all 4.
So each year I have another photo to add to the “haven’t scrapped yet” pile.
WELL! This year I pledge to change that!
I am kicking myself to get all 4 done.
I’m off to a good start…
Here’s the first


Can’t believe she is in Grade 8 already!


I’ve used a few Scrapmatts on this page
The Leaf Spray, a flower and this gorgeous birdy


Also used a Cocoa Daisy arrow stamp and a chic tags tag


One down,
Three to go!



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  1. You can do it Sharmaine, I have faith in you : )
    Gorgeous page. She looks darling!! I love those scrapmats leaves. x have a lovely weekend all of you x

  2. 8th grade?
    yikes. when did that happen?
    She is so pretty! I adore the freckles.
    I love those little leaves.


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