Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Target Blogger Ambassador Post – The Essentials

Yesterday was one of those days.
One of those days where you just wish everything would stop so you could go back to bed!
So the morning started out yuck and I decided that after I dropped the girls off at school I would go to Target and see what I could find for my second Ambassador's blog post.
I’m not a great fan of shopping but it was a little therapy that I needed.
Just some aimless wandering.
Some time to think, dream and ponder.
One of the things I like about Target is their Essentials Range.
If you head to any section you will notice things labeled with the Target Essentials logo.
This means they are everyday items that people might use/need.
I knew we needed a bath mat so I headed straight for the Home Wares section.
I love Target bath towels.
The colours are always vibrant and there are always lots to choose from.
I chose my bath mat


and while I was there I learnt something new.
Along the rack, where you would find the price, there were some little tips on towels!
See what happens when you have time to look around!!
Did you know that fabric softener makes towels loose their absorbency?
I did not!
But if you stop using the softener and put in a teaspoon of washing up liquid ,in the wash, your towel will restore the absorbency.

My next port of call was the crockery section.
This is one of my favourite, I love browsing here.
We had a cereal bowl breakage this week so I thought I would see if could find some replacements.
Nothing fancy, just cereal bowls.
I was well pleased with what I found.
These white bowls were perfect!


Another thing I love about Target is their sales and their clearance prices are always the best
So when I spied this gorgeous Mayfield and Jackson platter had been reduced
Yep I had to add that to my bundle of things, the texture is just amazing.


The Storage Section is another one I like to look in.
We are always looking at ways of storing things.
Books, toys, blankets… the list is endless.
I spied these Folding Fabric Storage Cubes and fell in love with the blue.
I spied the Target Essentials logo so didn’t argue, yep had to have!


They are really easy to “construct” and make the ideal storage solution for someone’s toys.


The cubes are sturdy too, so someone can now pick up the box and there are now excuses for messy bedrooms anymore (wishful thinking Mum!)
And the last Essential thing I found
Was something for me.
Sometimes “Me” can be essential
Yesterday it definitely was!
So when I saw this


I knew it was Essential that I add it to my purchases.
I have some plans for this chalkboard.
Some Essential plans!
What Essential things are you doing today?

Disclosure: This is a paid sponsored post. I also receive vouchers to spend on items, for review purposes.
For this post I purchased the above items.
All words and opinions expressed are purely my own.


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  1. I love Target! : .) Cool reviews Sharmaine! I wonder if I can find that platter here?

  2. essentials - catching up on blogs. :D

    Also, I double {heart} Target. Double.

  3. LOVE that chalkboard will have to see if I can find it. I have a thing for chalkboards you know..we have 3 in the kitchen, one in our bedroom, and I plan to put one in my scraproom. I love all the target posts its my favorite store! XO

  4. i go to Target just to browse and always come out with goodies. i knew that about towels, but i didn't know that the absorbency could be restored. is washing up liquid laundry detergent?

  5. Hi Sandra, washing up liquid is what you add to the water when you wash the dishes :) I didn't know about it till I read it at Target! Who'd have thought!!


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