Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I’ve Got Tickets For The Long Way Round

Teaching at the Escape 2 Create retreat was a huge honour.
I’ve never taught before
And to teach along side Kim Jefress and Ebony van der Starre
well, let’s just say I was in awe!
Kim taught her class on the Friday night
Followed by Ebony’s on Saturday morning
And mine in the afternoon.
Ebony had made some example pages, in her class,
Of misting and masking.
She was going to toss the cardstock but instead
I used one of those pages as the background for my fourth page.


The orange misted lines were from her class.


Ebony also does amazing things with tea.
I tried and failed dismally but I did use the tea bag label


In fact I used 3!
I love the “corroded” look


Funny, when you think about it…
Being that my page is all about coffee!


Oh well!
Just goes to show that I will play with just about anything on a page!
As long as it’s fun!!


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  1. Hahahahaha love it!! yeah you sucked with the tea! LOL but look how amazing your page is!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok I didn't realise you used this cardstock, so this really rocks big time, the colour combo is stunning!

  3. Hello, what a wonderful layout!! awesome tidbits on it! hope your day is great! <3

  4. This is awesome cool. Love some of the random details you added and the cute 'story'. :-)

  5. Erm, drooling now!
    This layout is fabulous!


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