Monday, April 01, 2013

We Built These Paper Mountains

So Escape 2 Create retreat…
only one word for it…
Ok so that’s two words
But it seriously is the best retreat!
Amanda and Meredith are the organisers and boy oh boy they did a great job!
From the moment I was emailed, asking if I would be interested in teaching,
To the moment I stepped off the plane in Port Lincoln


From the moment I arrived at the retreat
To the moment I left


From the moment we helped set up
To the moment we helped clean up


These girls were just amazing.
The food was top notch.
The scrap space was ideal.
The atmosphere was AMAZING.
I created 7 layouts while I was there!
And sitting next to my new friend Ebony 
I was inspired to play with my mixed mediums again.
So the 7 pages were pure fun to make.
Here is the first


I used some new purchasers
THERE WERE 5 stores at the retreat!!
Another sign of an amazing retreat!


I played with some thread
Which was actually a loose thread that I pulled off my pencil case!


Played with stamps,
The gorgeous Cocoa Daisy leaf stamps.


And told a story that was nice and fresh!


Seriously love that.
Loved being free.
Loved being free to play.
Loved that being free to play was freeing.
And that was probably the thing
that was the absolute best thing about Escape 2 Create.
Maybe they should call it Escape 2 Be Free???
Creativity certainly comes from being free.
Allowing yourself time to let your mind go
Allows you to be creative.
I certainly appreciated the time to be creative.


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  1. yay! We loved meeting you Sharmaine. Such a creative inspiration. Hope to see you back at e2c one day again.

  2. I LOVED meeting you and creating beside you! MWAH x

  3. I think you've portrayed the retreat so well.. it truly is something special, unique...and freeing. :-)
    Loved meeting you, Love your work and LOVE how you inspired others to be free, play, try and create...and LOVE what they created.
    Thanks for being you. xx

  4. This is amazing Sharmaine...sound like you had the best time ever!!!

  5. Seriously this was totally amazing hey, you are simply amazing!!!

  6. It was great meeting you Sharmaine....and loved to watch you create as i passed by!! Thanks for your inspiring class too!! Hope to catch up again one day!xx

  7. Love, love, love this layout so much. Just beautiful.
    And I want one of those little yellow bags LOL sounds like you had a great time.

  8. Soooooo good! This layout started it all for me . . . and texture paste! LOVED meeting you! xx


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