Thursday, May 16, 2013

As Seen In Scrapbook Creations Magazine Issue 95

Back in September 2012 I had the honour of being featured in Scrapbook Creations “Who’s Who” article.
It was one of those “Who Me?” moments
And I had to reread the email SEVERAL times!
To go with the article I was required to create 3 layouts
So I did!

Loved this photo
Loved that summer

And I don’t mind this page either!

My next page I used one of my favourite colour combinations
Yellow and Grey

Used some of my favourite things
Including packaging

And I’ve used the negative of a stencil to create the misted background
Did you notice it was backwards??

And the final page
Was for a different season

Can you guess which one??
Yeah I think the colours might give you a clue?!

I even added some raindrops to the chipboard alphas

Yes it’s Autumn!

Loved spending time with these special friends
Loved pulling out my camera and just playing.
He enjoyed zooming through the puddle too
Time and time again!

Lots of fun.
I hope you can see the fun in each of these pages.
It’s a vital element in my creative process.
What is a vital element in your creative process??


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  1. Three great layouts-lots of fun! I love the yellow and grey colour scheme too.

  2. Congrats!!! I really need to head over to those websites and see when their submission process is- I love Aussie scrappers- the styles I love most seem freer and involve more paint than my US favorite scrappers. The whipped butter page made me laugh- I love it too- I had to give it up because i was loving it so much I grew a couple of inches- sideways. :) Beautiful color combos on all three pages.


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