Saturday, November 08, 2014

REVIEW – Little Live Pets

47 sleeps till Christmas.
Yeah I know!!!
How is the present hunting going?
Have you started yet??

Our girls have been dropping hints,
Formulating lists
And eyeballing all manner of catalogues.
A while back they spied a tv commercial for the popular Little Live Pets
By the toy brand Moose Enterprises.

So imagine the delight of our girls when an email hit my inbox
Asking if we would like to review one of these adorable creatures.
How could I say no?!

And so “Cheeky Charlie” arrived
With a very cute note from the PR ladies.


I left the box on the dining table
And waited for the girls to find him after school


They were all very excited
And he was soon brought to life and given a test run.


He sings,
He whistles,
And he can even repeat what you say!


Having him made me think about a Great Aunt of mine.
She used to have a budgie and would teach him all manner of whistles and phrases.
Meeting “Cheeky Charlie” made me think how perfect a Little Live Pet would have been for my Aunt.
He could have visited hospitals.
He wouldn’t need to have his cage cleaned.
He wouldn’t even fly away if the cage was inadvertently left open.

But enough of my words and thoughts
Let the real reviewers have their say.

Little Live Pet Birds are currently available in Target, Toys R Us, Kmart, Big W, Toyworld and Myer

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post.
I received “Cheeky Charlie” for review purposes,
and all opinions expressed are purely our own.


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  1. You actually make this thing look really cute. I am missing you. I have thought a lot about you lately and hope things are well. I am so sad we won't be seeing each other again this year and rooming together and having coffee!! In another world it would be so cool to have a tunnel from my house to yours. We could scrap and drink coffee and eat sweets. And I could harass the girls if they weren't nice to you. In a good way.
    miss you lady.


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