Tuesday, July 05, 2016

REVIEW - Crayola Color Alive

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Crayola
School holidays
Rainy day
What to do??
Enter Crayola's Color Alive

All you need is a Crayola Color Alive book,
Crayons (you can use your own)
And an electronic device that can download the app from
the Apple store, Google Play store or the Windows store. 

Now don't go thinking that this is just another colour in book
Because it isn't!!
4D interactiveness (is that even a word yet?!)
Means you the Crayola Color Alive books can do so much more.

First step is to colour in.
(You can use the app with the uncoloured pages as well!)

Next step is to download the app.
It's free and available in the app stores
Or via the QR code on the Crayola Color Alive books.

Choose the book you used.
Then it's play, play, play!
Take selfies or add characters to your photos.
Bring characters to life with cool 4D effects

Each pack comes with a special effects crayon.
This little crayon has magical powers, through the app,
That allow you to add special effects to the image -
Comic symbols for Marvel Avengers, fire for Mythical Creatures,
Ice sparkles for Disney Frozen and pixie dust for Enchanted Fairies.


The packs available are

Crayola Color Alive Mythical Creatures

The girls all enjoyed the packs and giggled away
As they interacted with the characters on the app.
You can make the characters grow, move
And even see them from up, behind and upfront.
Save your characters and use them in backgrounds you create yourself.
Yep, lots of fun
And not just for school holidays
Or rainy days!

The products RRP at $7.99 each and are available at major leading retailers.
ach pack includes six Crayola Crayons, one Special Effects Crayon,
16 Action Coloring Pages, and FREE app download.
Drawings with the Special Effects Crayon will add amazing
animated effects to your coloring page within the Color Alive app.
 For more information on this please visit the website http://www.crayola.com.au/products/color-alive-product/.
Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post.
I received four Crayola Color Alive books,
to use for review purposes,
and all opinions expressed are purely my own.
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