Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bunnys been!

Look what he left us! 2 eggs in each bowl and then eggs around the lounge room and kitchen and then Grandma's rabbits waiting on the kitchen bench, thanks again Grandma. What a lot of chocolate and it only got worse!!
The girls devoured away before breakfast, even Lucy polished off an egg. Mrs Swift had an egg for each of us too. We went to Mum and Dad's for tea and they were each given another rabbit and then when we got home tonight we found a HUGE basket of Easter treats from the Moores (thanks for visiting, you can now ring for your next visit so we CAN be home!!! lol)
Did some gardening this arvo. Pulled out some tomato plants that were finished, dug some artichokes, planted some leek, lettuce and carrot seed and dug over some other bits ready to plant something. Love seeing things grow and its even better when the end result is something yummy!!!
Have to share these HILARIOUS photos of Elizabeth, Dave was getting her ready for bed and her tshirt got stuck on her head, I hope you find them as humorous as we did!!

Evil aren't we!!!!

Also took some (nice)photos of Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth today.

Sweet dreams :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Lots of yummy things. Love the photos they are fantastic....they are such posers aren't they.
    Happy to you soon

  2. Oh now there's an attractive photo for the 21st birthday scrap book!


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