Monday, April 17, 2006

New heat pumps in!

Can highly recommend the people who installed it. Lovely fellas and to take half a morning to remove the old and install the new I am impressed!
Forgot to mention yesterday that it was Lucy's head hurting day!! Yep it continued! she hit hers on the kitchen tiles and has a nice little bruise there today! Hopefully thats the end of that!
Dave has his mates coming over tonight for their LAN, just as well I've got some things on telly to watch! Yay for Cold Case's new time slot!! Also have some photos of Megan ready to scrap, so i'm set for a late night too!!
Because the new heat pump is in and up on the wall we now have floor space which meant that the books could be unpacked and the bookcases out up. Yay, no more boxes!!! So its just the garden shed and garage that need sorting but the house is DONE!! 2 and a half months! Is hard to think that it was only December when this house was put on the market and we put in the offer.
Ok Dave's friends are here now so the mayhem has started, i'm off to put the jug on and watch the little boys play with their toys ;)
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  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Thanks for playing with us!

  2. Lorraine3:23 PM

    Congrats on getting all the unpacking finished


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