Saturday, April 15, 2006

In the garden with Miss E

I am still in shock that I finished a whole layout last night!!! That is the first time!! Is all Dave's fault he said 'just do it' (in his usual helpful style) well I did!!! Am really happy with the end result! Thanks Dave!

It was great to have Allison come over. She was mauled by the girls and Megan was VERY excited to stay up and scrap. She loved seeing all of Allisons things (hmmm sounds like me!) and did a really good job, completing 2 pages for her album. We had a lovely roast chook dinner, which disappeared rather quickly. I was really tired by the time I started to scrap and I lacked the drive to do anything. In the end I didn't use what I had there to use and instead came up with this lovely layout that I am really pleased with. When it looked like I wouldn't get anything done I ended up completing it!! Shows what a change of idea can do!

Back to the rest of yesterday... Mum, Dad, Niall and Fiona came for lunch. The girls were VERY hyped and spent most of the time sitting on or picking on Uncle Niall. Was a nice time with them all.

So that was last night... ummm today WET! Dave played soccer, which they won 6-1! The girls and I watched Ice Age. Loved the very last scene where the poor squirrel was stuck in the icecube!! Allison inspired me and this morning I did a tidy of my ribbons, no longer one big mass but a nice clump!!

Today it was Elizabeth's turn to have a head hurting day. She bumped it on the wooden part of the couch. She cried like it was VERY painful but I couldn't feel anything. 5 minutes later I could! A huge bump on the side of the back of her head OUCH. She was good and let me put ice on it for awhile but its still a nice size bump!

Well, the bowls are on the table, waiting for Easter Bunny to put some eggs in. I hope he comes to you all too!!

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  1. Hey love the piccy of Lou Lou....very cute. Last night was fun and it was also fun being mauled by MY (hee hee9 girls!!
    Night night

  2. WHAT 9 Girls!!!! lol
    Just as well it was a typo Allison!! I'd never get any scrapping done then, but think of all the photos I would have ready to scrap........

  3. Grandma3:26 PM

    Just as well there are not 9 girls because you would not all fit in here when you come to visit


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