Thursday, April 06, 2006

Give me oil in my heater!!

Heat pump booked to be installed Easter Monday YAY. In the meantime we are hoping the oil lasts, although we had the hallway heater on today and it didn't do a half bad job!
Something happened at Megan's school yesterday, not sure what, but she came home yesterday talking about how 3 teachers were crying and she wanted to cheer them up. She was upset that they were upset. SO this morning we made some thankyou cards for her teacher and principal (2 of the 3 that were upset). Her teacher wasn't there today, away till Monday, so we're hoping everything is ok. One of the boys in Megan's class wasn't there either so we're just putting 2and 2 together...
On a lighter note, I finished the layout of Elizabeth last night:

Mum called in this morning/afternoon and the girls are off there tomorrow night after school.
Dave's having a flexday tomorrow so I can go to the Craft Fair (Thanks Dave!!). Looking forward to wondering and drooling over all the wonderful things they will have. Hoping to go to some of the free classes too.
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  1. Lorraine4:53 PM

    Hope you enjoy the craft fair and don't spend too much money especially as you have to pay for a new heat pump. I hope you get a discount with people in your house working for the power company!!!!
    Hope Megan's schooling does not get interrupted with problems for the teacher. Have a good weekend everyone.


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