Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yay its holidays!!

Looking forward to the break. My youngest brother and his partner are home from Darwin, bet they are enjoying the snow on the mountain lol. Dave is working Tuesday but having the following Monday off instead, making that a longer weekend then with ANZAC day.
Allison is coming tomorrow night and all being well Megan and I will enjoy some scrapping time with her. Dave has some friends coming Monday night for a LAN so we will be making the most of the 'girly' time tomorrow night.
Is meant to be a cold and wet weekend so I am REALLY looking forward to having our new heat pump on Monday!
Megan has had a head bumping day. She was pushed, part of a game they were playing at school, and hit her head on the corner of a brick wall *ouch*. The acting principal rang me just to let me know about it but Megan didn't want to come home, Easter bunny hadn't been yet. I clobbered her with my elbow at tea time and she just told me that she hit her head on the bunk and doesn't want any more bumps THANK YOU!!!
Apart from the bumps she has had a really good day. Lots of Easter eggs and then when she got home there was a letter from her old school. There was a lovely letter from one of her teachers and all the (now) grade 2s had written something. She was very excited to read them all.
Jessica did an Easter bunny search today too and when they got back to their class room they found he had been there while they were out. I love the way that both of them shared their eggs with Lucy and Elizabeth, is really nice to see! They both made baskets and Megan gave me hers to take next door to say thanks for thinking of me, with the clothes. Don't worry I didn't use Megan's eggs, just her basket and raided my stash to fill it with!
Dave came home for a little bit (just for a coffee and a kiss, me thinks!) before heading out to soccer training. Having Daddy come home is exciting and I love watching each of the girls get excited as he drives in or comes thru the door.
Lucy had a spin on her 'quadbike' this arvo, I ran around after her taking photos (half of which I usually cut off her head or something!), so just had to share this piccy with you :)

And to everyone have a lovely Good Friday tomorrow!!
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  1. Lorraine3:16 PM

    So lovely to see Lucy enjoying her bike and it just as well she can ride it inside with all the cold weather that is due. Thank you to Megan for the lovely Easter card we received yesterday, please tell her to take care of that head! Hope you all enjoy the few days holiday.


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