Friday, April 07, 2006

Lovely, but cold day out

Was a fun day out and was nice to just soak up all the arty things people do. Walking around looking at the quilts and stuff I was in awe of all those with creative bones! I had a busy day, went to all the scrapbooking workshops bar 1 and went and sewed a little bag (who'd have thought!). Spent some money (sorry Grandma!) and got some more things for scrapping and some things to make up some cards, as requested by Mother! So now to find some time to do all of that!!
Made a start on my next layout, of Lucy, lastnight. now to get back to it and do some more.
I think Dave enjoyed his time home with the girls, and the ather way round. Megan felt a little left out, seeing as we were all doing exciting thigs today and she just had school, but they are all at Mum and Dads so no doubt the excitement is still happening down there!!
Daves playing soccer tomorrow arvo so I'll pick up the girls after dropping him off and then we will all go back to watch the end of his game before coming home. Was 8degrees at4.45 when we drove thru town. Is cold and windy outside and isn't meant to warm up till Monday when they are forcasting more rain. Looks like the clothes horses are going to be in for a lot of practice ready for winter!!
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