Thursday, May 25, 2006

All clears

I remembered to phone the Dr (YAY ME) and Megan's test had come back saying she didn't have an infection and Jessica's physio appointment went in the same vein, she was happy with Jessica and didn't want to see her again. So yipee to all that!
Not much else, that pretty much took up the day, we had lunch in the carpark before going in to the physio, didn't make much sense coming home for 5 minutes.
Night, may all your bed bugs be tasty ones :)
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  1. mister dolloper10:51 AM

    just thought I would reply cos noone else has...besides, I do love you, and it would seem my practising nursing you came in useful today!!

    XXOODDDDDDD man I miss my DDDD but I love you

  2. Ok so what is DDDD or do I not want to know lol

  3. you probably will regret knowing... But Erin Brockovich told Ed what they were...
    Sadly Mister Dolloper thinks D's look like these and, well the rest is better kept in house ;) He did wonder if he would have to explain himself, but as a good wife I will do it, and hope I have done it with out causing grief, shame or damage... Never ponder the mind of a dolloper :)


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