Friday, May 26, 2006

Freaky friday

We were nearly ready to walk out the door for school when Jessica got Lucy's finger caught in the bathroom door. I thought the top had been cut off, it looked like it was flapping (sorry if thats too graphic), so I rang Dave and got him to come home. I wasn't coping with having to deal with her screaming and having to try and fix a flappy finger (the forte have a lot to answer too!). Anyway, it had just cut thru part of the nail and cut the finger. So while dealing with that and waiting for Dave, Jessica gave Megan a fat lip. All joy :) Then the rest of the day consisted of Elizabeth wetting herself while standing on
the coffee table part of the other lounge and Elizabeth doing the other thing in her pants.... gee I am getting into deatils aren't I!!!
Other bits just made the day interesting :)
Tea was yum though:
So I for one am glad it is the end of another week and hope that our grocery shopping tomorrow prove to be uneventful and Dave's soccer on Sunday be ummmm painfree (even if they are playing against Uncle Samuels team!!).

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  1. Lorraine8:15 PM

    what a day! I hope that you do have to repeat too many more like that. Trust you all get through the weekend without anymore mishaps. Tea looked good!


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