Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oww and more PMM

Yesterday, putting Lucy in the car to go get Jessica, I hurt my back. Thought it would get better. But when it was time to get up this morning I asked Dave to stay home as there was no way I would be able to do things today. So the wonderful man that he is did :) Went to the Drs and was given some celebrex and forte, which have helped a little and I hope will do more tomorrow. Tomorrow is a busy day, have to take Jessica to a follow up physio appointment in the afternoon. We were referred last year as her feet were a little turned in. Jessica loved playing on the mats and doing the exercises the physio had for her. So we will see how that goes.
Dave picked Megan up and stayed for her after school sports, got told he was weird and Megan promptly said all her family was :) Noice :) She had made a card for me at school. It contained her neatest writing ever and then she read me all of "Green eggs and Ham" PERFECTLY. Made me have another Proud Mum Moment :)
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  1. another proud mum2:17 PM

    I hope that you are feeling better today and that you are able to do all the 100 and 101 things that make up your day. I agree you have a wonderful husbard!!!


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